Are you a people pleaser?

A businessman went to a yogi, high on the top of a hill. “They say you have the secret to serenity,” the businessman puffed, mopping at his brow. “I have high blood pressure, I am stressed beyond belief, and I am at the end of my rope. Teach me the secret.” The yogi smiled beatifically … Read more

Find a counselor to help with my addiction.

If I find a psychotherapist or counselor, can that help with my addiction? “Being sober is like walking a tight rope across a vast canyon. You look down and see the future: dark, long, filled with moments of excruciating excitement, but ultimately, ending in broken bones, if not death. The thing is, the longer you … Read more

Free Initial Consultation

Having counselling or psychotherapy or talk therapy or adopting selfcare is normal. Arrange for a free initial consultation. No obligation to sign up. Starting to talk to a therapist can open the door to something you’ve not tried before; begin the Process of change that you’ve been desiring for some time. What IS holding you … Read more

Stay Weird

Book in for a free consultation. Counselling. Psychotherapy. Therapy.

The Unravel.

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