Everyone Dissociates.

A fantastic set of graphics by Janae Elisabeth, informed by Polyvagal Theory. http://traumageek.com/

Black and White Thinking.

A friend sent this to me and I had to share! This poem from Shel Silverstein is a great way to introduce the concept that we all have different parts inside us and that no one part is the absolute truth (ie: being “lazy” or “messy”). Learning to navigate thoughts and feelings without absorbing that … Read more

Connection seeking rather than attention seeking.

Karen Young www.heysigmund.com If we knew everything – absolutely everything – about each other everything we do would make sense. It doesn’t mean it would be okay, but it would make sense. Too often though, when our kids do things that aren’t so ‘adorable’ we are quick to judge, either them, ourselves, or both. The … Read more

Unresolved Trauma

The following was written by Dr. Melissa DeBose Hankins, a psychiatrist, and she gave me permission to share it: This is what the result of unresolved trauma looks like. What many of us witnessed during the other night’s Academy Award ceremony between Will Smith and Chris Rock was a TRAUMA RESPONSE. While I am in … Read more

How is Generalised Anxiety Disorder different to normal feelings of stress and anxiety?

For me, the key thing is overwhelm. An overwhelmed anxious brain can believe the stressors are far too great to manage. Being emotionally overwhelmed means to be completely submerged by your thoughts and emotions to the point where you may withdraw and feel frozen or paralyzed. When confronted with being overwhelmed, it can be difficult … Read more