What Drives Us and What Holds Us Back?

Parental teaching often happens at an unconscious level: when parents are excited by and approve a child’s behaviour, the messages they give are often permissions; however, when parents feel threatened by a child’s behaviour, the messages expressed are often injunctions. Permissions are just as the word implies – giving the child permission to do something. … Read more

Polyvagal Theory.

Stephen Porgess’ Polyvagal theory is a collection of evolutionary, neuroscientific and psychological claims pertaining to the role of the vagus nerve in emotion regulation, social connection and fear response.Here are some diagrams which may be helpful in identifying and coping with your triggers and responses.

Support for Lockdown 2.0

Currently, the Lodge Practice that I use is remaining open to face-to-face clients throughout the second lockdown. We will also be adopting the NHS QR facility if clients are using the Track and Trace System. I will continue using Zoom, What’s app and Skype for online sessions if clients prefer not to leave their homes … Read more