The Corona Virus and Mental Health.

The coronavirus has been declared a pandemic – the widespread impact it is having is truly devastating. There has been a lot of attention of course on the physical health consequences, the societal impact, the economic impact… but very little on the impact it is having on mental health ? Unfortunately it looks like the … Read more

Coronavirus: How to protect your mental health
By Kirstie Brewer

Coronavirus has plunged the world into uncertainty and the constant news about the pandemic can feel relentless. All of this is taking its toll on people’s mental health, particularly those already living with conditions like anxiety and OCD. So how can we protect our mental health? Being concerned about the news is understandable, but for … Read more

Everyone deserves to be happy.

Once I’ve gotten to know a new patient, I often hear them say the same thing to me: “Before I took the first step to get help, I was so worried that I would choose a therapist and, in the end, feel like I chose the wrong one.” This is all too common – with … Read more

Infectious Self.

Yesterday I felt quite rubbish. There’s often lurgies flying around this time of year and the media is awash with what can be done to avoid catching the dreaded Covid-19/Corona virus. With all that in mind and my general meh health and mood, I decided It would be okay to take a day off. Not … Read more