Masking and Autism.

By Kieran Rose. Illustrations by @autistically Masking is a part of everyday life for most Autistic people and the reasons we mask and the consequences it has on our wellbeing are huge. Hopefully one day every Neurodivergent person can unmask and be their true selves but until then it is important to understand it a … Read more

The intersection of eating disorders, Polyvagal Theory and attachment/attachment theory.

By Rachel Sellers The intersection of eating disorders, Polyvagal Theory and attachment/attachment theory is really important. It’s something I’m super interesting in and love teaching people about.  It explains why trauma-informed eating disorder care is CRUCIAL. It explains why eating disorders are about so much more than food/body image. It explains our humanness and … Read more

Is your life run by a Disney Script?

Drivers (Taibi Kahler) Be Perfect.You don’t have to Be Perfect. It’s OK to be yourself. Hurry Up.You don’t have to do everything In a hurry. It’s OK to take your  time. Try Hard.It’s OK to either do the thing or not. “Trying” can set us up to fail. Please Others.If you always Please, do you … Read more

Everyone Dissociates.

A fantastic set of graphics by Janae Elisabeth, informed by Polyvagal Theory.

Black and White Thinking.

A friend sent this to me and I had to share! This poem from Shel Silverstein is a great way to introduce the concept that we all have different parts inside us and that no one part is the absolute truth (ie: being “lazy” or “messy”). Learning to navigate thoughts and feelings without absorbing that … Read more

Connection seeking rather than attention seeking.

Karen Young If we knew everything – absolutely everything – about each other everything we do would make sense. It doesn’t mean it would be okay, but it would make sense. Too often though, when our kids do things that aren’t so ‘adorable’ we are quick to judge, either them, ourselves, or both. The … Read more