Everyone deserves to be happy.

Once I’ve gotten to know a new patient, I often hear them say the same thing to me:

“Before I took the first step to get help, I was so worried that I would choose a therapist and, in the end, feel like I chose the wrong one.”

This is all too common – with many therapists in Crowborough and beyond, the first thing you need to do to sit with a therapist is open up your wallet, which puts many people off taking that first step.

That’s why I offer a free one-hour familiarisation session to every potential patient who approaches me. It gives us a chance to get to know each other and understand if we’re going to be a good fit – there is absolutely no obligation to go further.

Even if it turns out we aren’t the right fit, I hope that by taking that first step in chatting with me, you’ll find it easier to try again with another counsellor!

I’ve recently joined the Counsellor’s Directory – a database of counsellors across the country that has very strict entry requirements, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that you’ll receive quality counselling with me.

Get in touch today.