Are you a People Pleaser?

Please Other individuals are incredibly pleasant to have around because they are so understanding.

They use intuition a lot and will notice body language and other signals that others may overlook.

They are often the mortar
that holds a team together.
Unfortunately, they may worry so much about earning approval that they are reluctant to challenge anyone’s ideas
even when they know they are wrong. Because they’re reluctant to say no, they often let people interrupt them and
are likely to accept work from them instead of concentrating on their own priorities.
They are often seen to be lacking assertiveness, critical skills, and often lacking courage in their convictions. When
criticised by others, they may take it personally and get upset even when the comments are worded constructively.
A Please Others personality performs the ‘maintenance’ functions of involving people, checking and summarising,
and will be sympathetic, empathetic, tolerant and flexible to others needs.
Individuals with this driver preference are identifiable by:

• Always testing that people are happy and satisfied.
• Smiling and always having a friendly expression.
• Frames everything as a question that invites approval.
• Apologetic. Will say ‘sorry’ for almost anything and even just to fill space.
Please Others are extremely comfortable working with other people. Are often well-liked and good company, as
well as being sympathetic and concerned about others.
Some useful ways to support individuals with this tendency are:
• Make pleasing themselves a criteria for pleasing you. Be happy when they are happy (but beware of getting in
a mutual pleasing competition).
• Help them accept criticism without feeling put down or a failure. Do not get angry with them.
• Help them to see when pleasing others turns into dysfunctional subservience.
• Encourage them to become self-sufficient and praise themselves.