Fight, Flight, Freeze or Flop:

It’s almost impossible to follow through on your logical plans and goals if your brain and nervous system is in Fight, Flight or Freeze.

When we are in this stress mode:

Our survival brain switches ON
And our logical, rational brain switches OFF.

We need to bring down the stress response before trying to stick to long term goals and plans .

A few helpful strategies to remember:

1️⃣ Your brain is trying to keep you safe by doing this.

It’s our hard wired biology.

Beating yourself up only digs you deeper into the stress mode, making things even harder.

2️⃣ Try to understand that your amygdala can’t distinguish the difference between the threat of a tiger or a trauma trigger or something else perceived as an attack.

3️⃣ Take a few deep, calming breaths.
Simple yet effective.

4️⃣ Convince yourself to take the first baby step of action.

Action alleviates anxiety.